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Gourmet Express is a Texas based company specializing in frozen skillet meals. Starting out as a wholesaler and retailer of high quality frozen vegetables in the mid 90's the key to our success is recognizing an opportunity. Realizing consumers were getting poor quality vegetables, bland tasting sauces and skimpy portions in the skillet meal category we went to work. The skillet meal products that were in the market place had few menu selections and were a high price per ounce. It became our goal to create a line of skillet meals with improved flavor, higher quality and lower in price. We already had the best vegetables around, all we had to do was come up with the meat and the sauces, put it all in a bag and viola, there you have it, a skillet meal.

Easy we thought. But it wasn't so easy. Working and reworking every recipe of each meal until it was a perfect blend of ingredients took time. We used only the highest quality vegetables and the freshest meat and seafood available. No MSG was added to the recipes and unique spices enhance the sauces. Finally, after 12 months the first skillet meals hit the market. We wanted our meals to be flavorful but healthy, consumers didn't need to sacrifice one for the other.

With this in mind we now have over 13 different nutritionally-balanced skillet meals packaged under the Gourmet Dining label. Improved portions, quality ingredients, flavorful recipe's at affordable prices are what we provide in each meal, we guarantee it.


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